Video Games. Millions of people play them. Since the time of arcades, games have slowly seeped into human culture. With that culture however, comes some strange beliefs that people have if you play video games. Some of them are odd, and some of them are completely wrong. They can range from simple myths like “Blowing into your Nintendo cartridge will make the game work!”, or bigger ones like “Video Games make people aggressive and violent!”. Both of these are untrue (We were surprised at the Nintendo one as well), and we’re going to cover 5 misconceptions like these surrounding Video Games.



Myth number 1, blowing into your Nintendo cartridge would fix any problems surrounding the game. Anybody who’s touched an NES, or any old-gen Nintendo console knows of this. Your game doesn’t work, or is performing a bit weird? Just blow into a cartridge, and clear it of any dust or other particles that could be affecting its performance. As it turns out, blowing didn’t do anything, and in some cases may have even damaged the games! As it happens, what actually did fix the cartridge was the action of removing and placing it back into the system. Future Nintendo consoles and games actually came with warnings that specifically tell you not to blow on it. So, next time your games don’t work, have a look at the fine print before immediately blowing air into the cartridge.


Myth number 2, is that only kids play video games. Interestingly enough, research from statistic shows that the majority of Video Game players range from 18 to 35 years old. Gamers of all ages play games nowadays, since it’s so accessible. You don’t need to be of a certain age to play video games. There’s even a grandmother who plays Skyrim on YoutTube ,calling all her viewers grand kids. Of course, kids play video games, they’re fun and exciting! But they’re as fun for everyone else too.


Myth number 3, is the misconception that Video Games make people more aggressive, or violent. The most common reason that parents, or in some cases  prominent government officials make to push against Video Games is that they’re violent, and encourage aggressive behavior, and make people more inclined to violence to solve their problems. This is quite frankly, untrue. While people always like to state that with the rise of Video Games sparked a rise in youth violence, the opposite in fact happened. The rise of Video Games actually kicked off a large decline in violence amongst youth. Of course, this isn’t representative of everyone, especially considering the horrific events that happened to Jacksonville recently. However, in these cases of extreme violence, we find that it often points towards problems within the people themselves, rather than the games they’re playing. There are millions of good citizens out there who play violent video games, and take them just as they are, games.


Myth number 4, is related to myth 3 in that it’s also a common gripe that some have with Video Games. The complaint is that Video Games force people to be anti-social. Everyones seen those famous photos and skits, most notably one of South Park, where a game is slumped over a chair, disheveled and overweight, and all around not sociable. However, there have been studies that show Video Games can have a positive effect on one’s social life. Playing games which require cooperation and teamwork can often translate to real life. Think of raids in World of Warcraft, or other massive undertakings which require multiple players working together to achieve a singular goal. Often times, those people you accomplish that goal with end up being your friends, and sometimes, life partners. Yes there are those who take Video Games a tad too far, but we believe that it’s not a knock on games. In every medium of life, there exists people who like to kick things a notch too high, and games are no different.


Myth number 5, The last myth is a statement often thrown by parents when they catch you playing video games. “You’ll never make a living playing video games.” That may have been true a long time ago, but now? That couldn’t be farther from the truth. We’ve already written an article showing that gaming, and esports are no longer a niche. Thousands of gamers have converted their passions into careers, and if you’re not good enough to compete on a professional level, there are streamers who entertain on YouTube, and on Twitch. If that’s not your fancy you can work around Video Games as well! Writing about them, developing them, reporting about them, analyzing them, etc. There are so many careers out there in the gaming and esports industry, just waiting for people to fill them. So next time your parents tell you that playing Video Games won’t lead anywhere, you have an answer.

5 Myths, done and dusted. Games have always had a ton of strange beliefs surrounding them, especially now as it’s grown as popular as it is. We’re happy to talk (and debunk) a couple of these misconceptions, and make sure that everyone understands that Gaming is here to make people have a good time, wherever or whoever they are.