Recently, the Grow uP eSports association PUBG team has qualified for the PGI Global Invitational European Final. In recognition of the talent and the excellent performance that attracted the glances, not only at the national level, but also internationally, CAPSL Entertainment has partnered with Grow uP to support its team.

Headquartered in Hong Kong and formed up by ex-Zynga and Konami executives, CAPSL Entertainment recognizes the opportunity to enter the world of Esports, yet reinforces that all of its expertise will be important not only to the team, but also for the Portuguese association.

One of the first steps was the rebranding of the team name, which in future will be named as “Grow uP CAPSL“.

In response to the trust placed in the team and with the goal of continuing to improve the quality of play and teamwork we announce Alexandre “adHoc‘ Neves as a new coach of team.

Grow uP CAPSL team composition.

David ‘Kronix’ Caldeira – Captain/IGL – @Twitter
Frederico ‘FredyEZ’ Camurça – @Twitter
Humberto ‘iSimplusqt’ Alves – @Twitter
Timothy ‘Fleikez’ Carmo – @Twitter

Alexandre ‘adHoc’ Neves – Coach/Analyst – @Twitter
Carlos ‘MGZ’ Teixeira – Manager – @Twitter

“We would like to extend a special thanks to CAPSL Entertainment for believing in the work we have been developing and in particular the entire PUBG team for keeping wearing our colours. We believe in the potential of the team, which with the continuity of hard work and dedication of all involved, we will always compete for victories nationally and internationally. Let’s Grow uP together” – Telmo ‘Armag3ddon’ Silva – CEO and founder of Grow uP eSports.
First of all, I would like to thank Grow uP eSports for all the commitment and dedication they have put in our team, when the team has formed our goal from the beginning was to conquer our place in the international scene as a 100% Portuguese team, to have Grow uP supporting us in the way they have been supporting, and being a Portuguese organization, gives a special taste, knowing that we are representing our country with a 100% Portuguese identity. I would also like to thank CAPSL for seeing us as a gateway to the Esports scene. And finally, I would also like to thank all those who support us, Portuguese and foreign, from the scene of PUBG and other scenes that daily lose 2 minutes of their time to show their support to our team! A big hug!” – David ‘Kronix’ Caldeira – Grow uP CAPSL IGL/Captain
“CAPSL Entertainment are proud to support one of Europe’s most promising new era esports teams. Having demonstrated multiple exemplary performances at the competitive level in the global phenomena PUBG, CAPSL is continuing to drive it’s mission powering the future of competitive gaming. We were blown away by the Grow uP team’s ability to win under intense pressure.” “I can’t wait to see them rack up their next big win as Grow uP CAPSL, and help inspire a new era of esports athletes!” – Paddy Markham, CEO and founder of CAPSL Entertainment.